Confidence Building

  Are you as confident as you would like to be?  Most of us would answer ‘no’ to this question — even those of us who feel pretty sure of ourselves. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel a little

Public Speaking & Presenting

Most people would rather fight a tiger, than giving a speech. You are not alone in fact; 70% of Australians fear public speaking that much, that it affects their career, health and their whole life. Are you one of those

Mind Maps

Mind Maps in all Situations   You can increase your productivity by 30% to save time work Brain-Friendly it is easy it is fun … and you get your work done.   Mind Maps is a graphical way to visualise

Multipurpose Room

  Our Multipurpose Room – the “Multi” – is designed to accommodate a wide range of events and activities, from trainings, mediations, workshops or to help you with any short term space needs you may have. Our intention is to

Laughter Yoga

  Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine which combines unconditional laughter with breathing exercises. Science has proven, that the body can not differentiate between simulated and real laughter. Laughter Yoga focuses on training your diaphragm for breathing and laughing

Conflict Resolution / Mediation

We all have conflicts on occasion; with family members, neighbours, employees, tenants.   Why can’t we just get along?   Because emotions build up and listening becomes a challenge!   A mediator can assist in finding common ground and help

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Just Arrived – Walk & Talk

Just Arrived – Walk & Talk

Do you also find it a bit absurd to sit in a stuffy room and hear that you need more exercise and fresh air? Great, you probably will love Walk & Talk. Because the method Walk & Talk combines the

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We are proud of the reputation we have built from our portfolio of work. We are highly experienced in a diverse range of categories and deliver work that is creative, clever and innovative.

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