Do you also find it a bit absurd to sit in a stuffy room and hear that you need more exercise and fresh air? Great, you probably will love Walk & Talk. Because the method Walk & Talk combines the contents of the meeting room (here: life-coaching, confidence building, conflict management) with exercise in the fresh air. So it’s about advice and coaching while walking around.

Walk & Talk

(distraction free outdoor life-coaching)

Walk & Talk literally gets you started. Physically and mentally. Be inspired by nature, reduce stress and recharge your batteries. Those who go for a walk not only do good for the body, but also let the mind wander. This promotes creativity and health, creates a good mood and new ideas.

Walk & Talk, is this new? No, it is the nature of man to constantly talk, to make a pilgrimage, to walk and to walk. Aristotle founded the hiking school Peripatos to philosophize while walking. Many poets, painters and composers were famous not only for their art, but also for their walks. Including Beethoven, Mahler and Tchaikovsky. Hermann Hesse wrote various books while traveling in the Ticino mountains.

The method Walk & Talk as such comes – as so many coaching techniques – from psychotherapy and established itself as Walk & Talk therapy from the late 1990s, especially through the work of the American psychologist Dr. med. Kate Hays (Working Out: Using Exercise in Psychotherapy, 1999). In Australia Walk & Talk has become increasingly popular as a coaching method, which is certainly due to rising health awareness, but also has pragmatic reasons, such as the problem with time. Which holistic method fits in every diary?

Right, Walk & Talk.

Walk & Talk naturally creates all that good coaching needs: freedom, vision, clarity and new perspectives. As your personal companion, I will gladly support you in finding ideas and finding solutions, in managing stress and conflict, or advising you in matters of psyche and health. The coaching can take place almost anywhere, almost anytime and in (almost)  any weather conditions.

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