Mind Maps in all Situations


You can increase your productivity by 30% to

  • save time
  • work Brain-Friendly
  • it is easy
  • it is fun

… and you get your work done.


Mind Maps is a graphical way to visualise ideas and concepts. Information is structured closely to how the brain works. It actively engages your brain, increases your ability to recall information and generate new ideas.

The workshop is an educational induction into the world of Mind Maps and how to use them on a daily basis to make life easier.


Outline of the workshop:

– Background information, development of Mind Maps

– Why using Mind Maps / Benefits of using Mind Maps

– Working together on one example Mind Map

– Time for everyone to work on their individual Mind Map

– Discuss the created Mind Map with peers

– Q & A session


At the end of the workshop every participant is able to create and prepare his / her own Mind Map for personal usage and have the knowledge to develop from here.


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