Most people would rather fight a tiger, than giving a speech.

You are not alone in fact; 70% of Australians fear public speaking that much, that it affects their career, health and their whole life.

Are you one of those and don’t want to fight anymore?


Step out of the darkness and into the spotlight…


Learn To Speak In Public

Learn how

  • fear affects people
  • to overcome fear and stage fright
  • to prepare your own speech or presentation
  • to use the tricks, the do’s and the don’ts
  • to use your gestures and body language meaningful and on purpose
  • to present an ad-hoc speech
  • to answer an unexpected question.

Program outcome:

By the end of the training the learner will be able to do the following:

  • Practice both prepared and impromptu speeches
  • Use gestures and body language
  • Vary voice and tone
  • Evaluate speeches
  • Improve listening skills
  • Introduce speakers
  • Reduce unnecessary filler words
  • Maintain effective eye contact

The workshop will be an excellent exercise for interview preparations and sales pitches.

You will enjoy the practice exercises and receive direct feedback on your presentations.


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