BacchChat is an initiative of the Moorabool Shire Council that runs monthly workshops for the public.

I was invited to talk about one of my favorite topics; Mindmaps. It was a great experience to present this graphical way of “project management” to a community audience with different goals than what you would find in a company organised training session.

It was amzing to hear in the post-workshop session the different applications the participants found for MindMaps.

My favorite has to be one woman that had to plan the daughters birthday party that particular day, and she was completly overwhelmed by the number of individual tasks in fornt of her. As a last straw she thought, a systematical approach might help.

And while most of the participants came up with a made-up project to complete the assignments this lady mapped out the whole birthday party, assigned tasks to relatives, added to do lists for herself – and at the end of the session with only a few hours to go she felt more relaxed and more in control of the day than all the days before.

MindMaps – the one size fits most problems tool.