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I am Julie, a professional life coach and trainer with an original love for nature, people and training. See how I can help you become a better version of yourself.

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Life Coaching

The concept of life coaching is becoming more and more popular every single day. And that’s because it works!

But what exactly does a life coach do and how can one help you with your own unique set of challenges? A life coach is someone who counsels clients on anything from career obstacles to personal struggles.

A coach plays multiple roles in your life: he/she unlocks your potential, allows you to discover your best self, acts as a motivator and is an accountability partner.



Conflict is a normal and inevitable aspect of life. Conflict occurs when Individuals or groups believe that another individual or group is preventing them from achieving their needs or goals, preventing access to resources they need to achieve their needs or goals or preventing them from expressing their values or beliefs in a way which they consider reasonable.

Our actions, reactions and our interactions determine whether it becomes and remains constructive or becomes destructive which is not healthy but is avoidable and is escapable.

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  • Principal Mediator at CKER
  • Mediation Institute Alumni
  • Australian Mediation Association – Member
  • NMAS accredited. 
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Featured Courses

Goal Setting

Learning how to set goals is an important life skill. Individuals who have goals are less likely to wander aimlessly through life. Instead, they'll be motivated to work hard to reach their greatest potential.


Mind Maps is a graphical way to visualise ideas and concepts. Information is structured closely to how the brain works. It actively engages your brain, increasing your ability to recall information and generate new ideas.

Confidence building

Gain the confidence to believe in yourself, speak up and develop leadership skills you need in your daily life.